Other work

Langdale Pikes from Holme Fell In recent years many people have come to know of my work through The Wainwrights in Colour Project which obviously has concentrated all of my painting output into producing these sketches of all of the Wainwright lake district fells. This has meant that my other ideas and subjects have had to be put to one side for now.

 As soon as I complete the project I will revert back to painting a variety of subjects that inspire me. I have already formed some ideas for subjects and paintings so hopefully it will not be long before I can put these down on paper. Tractor watercolourIn the past I have included landscapes, wildlife and rural scenes in my work so expect these to once again feature in my new work.

So for now it is really just a case of watching my progress on The Wainwrights in Colour and once completed this website will become the place to view new work and information on exhibitions and events.


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