There was also an idea of a “Special 214 Edition”, will this still be produced.

 At the Wainwrights in Colour exhibition at Rheged in 2009 I mentioned that I was considering producing a Special 214 Edition of the book which would have been an extra special version of the standard book. Based on the “standard” edition each of the 214 copies of this run would have had extra qualities which would have made it more of a collectors edition. Within the binding at the front of the volume would have been an original watercolour painting depicting one of the 214 fells such as Catbells, Haystacks etc. These paintings would form the first page and therefore each book would be named as “Catbells”, “Haystacks” etc depending on the painting within. In addition the books would be bound in a high quality material (perhaps leather) with a slip case to match. I am still looking into whether this edition is economically viable as the printing plates for this book will have to be manufactured from new, the plates for the standard edition are not useable now.

I will update the website with any news of this Special 214 Edition.

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