Hay Stacks summit sketch

Things are very busy for me behind the scenes at the minute as I prepare and produce new work. I have an exhibition and more talks planned for the summer and I will post more news on those events shortly.

In the meantime, some of my paintings and adventures are captured on film and posted on my You Tube channel. This gives a different viewpoint to my work which is hopefully not only informative but entertaining.

I have just posted up another of my series of “One minute shorts”. (they are actually just over one minute but calling them “One minute seventeen seconds shots” isn’t quite as effective 🙂 )

This film is of a sketch of the true summit of Hay Stacks (not the Wainwright summit which is about 2m lower).

Do take a look, if you enjoy the film feel free to click the like button on You Tube or even better subscribe to the channel and you will be informed when I make my next post. If you have any other suggestions or comments on how I can improve the films then just let me know either on this blog or on my channel.

Thanks for watching.

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