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 Just a quick blog post- literally.

I am currently working on new projects such as The Lakeland 365 which you may be aware of but there is now time for me to work more on paintings and sketches which will be added to this website as and when they become available. Just last week I was chatting to someone about my work when we met at a business meeting and she revealed that watching timelapse sketching on media platforms such as You Tube was a regular pastime for her, despite that fact that she doesn’t draw. Now I have done one or two of these before and they have had a good reaction so yesterday I filmed a quick practice sketch and have just posted it online.

It was a subject which features in The Wainwrights in Colour book, a view of Robinson from Scope End and this is only a preliminary work for a future painting. That painting will form part of a series and I will posts more details on that shortly. The sketch took only about 10 minutes to do, using only two broad brushes and painting fast and loose. In the future I will sketch more out in the field and if I get chance I will film these as well.

So here is the film, best viewed in 1080 HD (there is a settings button in You Tube) and if you enjoy the film then do click the like button and even subscribe to my You Tube channel.


Thanks for watching.

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