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  1. It’s really interesting that you came across artist’s block at the very last stage. Perhaps you simply, consciously or unconsciously, didn’t want to finish the project or were frightened to “muck it up” right at the end. Whatever the reason, you’ve overcome the obstacle. Many congratulations! It looks wonderful from where I’m sitting…. Wishing you all the best in the future… and CHEERS!

    • Thanks for the comment Jola. yes, it’s a little odd that I became stuck at this, the biggest fell. Perhaps it was due to the number of images required which just looked overwhelming when laid out on the table. Still, all done now so all downhill from here.

  2. Hi Andy

    Have you any idea of the cost of the completed edition?

    Also is it possible to order more than one copy?


    Mike Ainscough

  3. Thanks for the update, Andy. I’m happy to be patient, know it will be worth the wait!

  4. Thank you for the update Andy, I am so looking forward to the finished book but the longer it takes the more exciting it will be. I just hope I am one of the lucky 5000 to receive a copy.
    All the best for the New Year
    Regards Don

    • Thank you Don, you will not be as excited as I am. Don’t worry as you are on the mailing list you will be one of the first to be notified of the publication date and then be able to pre-order.

  5. Pleased to hear the book is nearly completed ,I’m sure it will be worth the wait.hope I am lucky enough to own a copy.

  6. Sorry to hear of your loss Andy. Waiting patiently for the release of your book. Take care mate.

  7. I have been thinking of you Andy and I’m so sorry about your mum. I hope starting to focus on the book again will help you get through this difficult time – I’m glad you took time out when you needed it, take care and we are both looking forward to the book when it’s ready – but no rush!

    • Hi Sharon,
      Many thanks for your kind comment. I am now back in full flow thankfully. Glad you had a great time up in the Cairngorms.

      • We’ve already spoke mate and I hope life is starting to fall back into place a bit, as Sharon said we are both looking forward to seeing the book. We had a great time in The Cairngorms, as much as I love Snowdonia and The Lakes, its another dimension up there…especially the wildlife !! Take care

  8. Been thinking of you Andy and hows things are at this moment. Many thanks for the update, and hope we can meet up soon.

    • Hi Richard,
      Many thanks for your kind words. Yes, we should meet up soon but my walking days are restricted at the moment until I get the book to the printers then I will have a nervous and tense couple of weeks wait until the actual launch weekend so that may be a good time to get out. Speak soon.

  9. Hello Andy, sorry to hear about your Mam. I hadn’t heard until now. Condolences from Lyn and I to you both.

    We are over the Lakes next Friday so I will see if we can pop in on the way.

  10. Hi Andy, I’m sorry about your loss – I just thought you were up to your eyes in the book; talking of which, I love the blue on the jacket. The inside text, too, is looking good.

  11. Sorry to learn of your mother’s death and wishing you well for the coming year. Looking forward to the launch of the book. Dennis Irwin

  12. Patiently waiting
    Best wishes
    Don and Topsie

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  20. Looking good πŸ™‚

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  23. where can I buy the book?

  24. Richard Whiting

    Best Wishes, Andy – a gargantuan effort that deserves all the recognition it rightfully should receive. With respect

  25. I really feel part of this book well done!

    • Thank you Ian, hopefully if you haven’t received your copy by now it should be with you in the next day or two.

  26. Well done Andy and Esther and the three dogs.
    I mentioned elsewhere your book was very useful in my bit of the AW 2017 challenge this week.

    • Thank you Don, great to see you again last Friday. Yes I saw your comment. I was actually at those towers just a few weeks ago, glad you found the book helpful.

  27. Sorry I couldn’t make it last weekend but I am really looking forward to receiving my copy. Very well done Andy.

  28. Sounds like a great success already. Looking forward to receiving my copy.

  29. Robin J Winning

    Cannot wait to receive our copy, in Santa Rosa, California! We were just in the Lake District last week on holiday and commented on how wonderful it will be to see all the colors we were enjoying in “real life” reproduced in book form.

  30. Pam Fleming-Williams

    Very sorry we couldn’t make the revised launch date. So glad everything went well. Awaiting postman with excitement!!

  31. Chris Ritzmann

    The book arrived today Andy and it is quite simply, terrific! I have been following your endeavour for the past couple of years after coming across it on the Internet. As a longstanding Lake District lover who lives too far away to visit as often as I want, your stunning book will bring the Lakes to me.

    I would love to come to Kendal to listen to your talk in June, but alas I won’t be able to do so. If you have any plans to video your talk and make it available on DVD then I will be waiting enthusiastically in the queue to buy it so please let me know.

    Thank you again, it is a great achievement.


    Chris R (Nottingham)

  32. What an amazing launch Andy, well done. Also what an amazing book, it has all your work for the project in it and so much more. Only problem is that you have a limited number. Great for the coffee table or a gift. I wish you all the best and hope it’s a great success.

    • Thankyou Michael, glad that you were there. Currently spending my days dispatching copies of the book so maybe doing a limited number wasn’t such a bad idea after all..the hills are calling .

  33. Hi Andy. We really enjoyed meeting you at the launch weekend. You created a great relaxed event. The book is wonderful and you should be very proud of your achievement. I didn’t realise quite how much work had gone into it. Dave and Chris Gannon

  34. Robin J Winning

    My goodness, I certainly can see the care with which you are hand-packing each precious book! Speaking as a customer with the last name “Waterhouse,” I’m wondering if, um, that list you are working from is in alphabetical order. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment, yes, certainly is the personal touch. Don’t worry, I am processing them by date order not alphabetically. I can see that yours is due for dispatch over the weekend.

      • Robin J Winning

        Thank you! Just got the notification that my parcel is on its way and will arrive here in California no later than May 30. So excited!

  35. Richard Jenkins

    A beautiful book. It arrived on Saturday and what a work of art it is. This brings the Wainwrights into our living room. You must be proud of what you have achieved. We look forward to seeing you in Keswick.

  36. Valerie Townson

    Great talk Andy at the Keswick Mountain Festival on Saturday, we really enjoyed it and it gave a real insight into the amount of dedication and work you put into making your project as perfect as it could be. Well done.

  37. Andy, Just wanted to say what wonderful book. Keep up the good work and every success for the future.

  38. Congratulations well deserved

  39. HUGE congratulations

    No more than you deserve for your determination & dedication in producing a truely remarkable book

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  41. Andy,
    The journey from that first show at Rhegged was long and at times I am sure you must have wondered what you were doing!
    It is a great book and it is excellent that the wider β€œoutdoor” community has twice recognised the achievement.

    Well done, a glass of good malt is called for!

  42. Well done and well deserved Andy.

  43. WELL DONE, Andy!

    A well-deserved recognition of a wonderful project and end-product.


  44. Congratulations Andy well deserved and well done, time for a pint with that malt

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  46. Chris Butterfield

    This is great news Andy. Your year just keeps getting better πŸ™‚

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  48. Great to hear Andy

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  50. Christopher Butterfield

    Great post Andy πŸ™‚

  51. Andy – leave it be. No-one cares how hard it was.

    You come across as someone who thinks they have a divine right to a particular way of doing things – you don’t.

    Move on.


    PS – you cannot spell acclaim – just a small point.

    • Hi Bert,
      Many thanks for not only taking time to read the blog, commenting and correcting me on my grammatical error, I have now amended the offending spelling mistake.
      Judging by the reviews and comments (and awards) that I have had there are plenty of folk out there who actually are interested in how difficult it was to achieve this task over ten years.
      As for coming “across as someone who thinks they have a divine right to a particular way of doing things”, I suppose it depends on how you have interpreted the message of my posts, I came up with a unique idea which has not been done before and is unlikley to be done again. I respect your opinion and I doubt if I will not even try to change it, whoever you are πŸ˜‰

  52. I can understand your frustration Andy with the online juggernauts rolling over all in front of them with the arrogance that online is best, and the only retail option.

    On the other hand, their keenness to get and sell stock of Wainwrights In Colour, through their online services to my mind in an endorsement of your book and project as a unique record of probably the most beautiful region of England, coupled with amazing artwork in a format that is the ultimate tribute to AW. You will always be the real WINNER Andy. Glen and I will never forget our introduction to your ambitious and mind boggling project in its early days at The Rheged Centre. Our copy will always be admired and treasured. Best wishes for 2019, Ed Whitaker.

    • Hi Ed,
      Yes, the fact that they have taken the move to actually list my book and purchase it via the wholesalers is something of a seal of approval. I intend to try and work it in my favour. Thank you for then kind comments and support.

  53. I’ve posted a review as you’ve been turned over by the big players! It should appear in a couple of days! πŸ™‚

  54. Shame, Andy, , as a Getty Images contributor, I find it irritating that online merchants sell our photos that are with Getty, as canvases, and yes quote our name, but we get a very very small payment, Getty get a bit more, but the Ebay seller, or whoever is getting the major profit. Nothing I can do about that as a Contract was signed, it changes at times, But you , in your position, as sole owner of your work, no agent, should be able to control price online, only fair, as there is no middle man or agent? Best of luck, you deserve it

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, in cases such as yours I understand that the actual photogrpaher makes very little money from such licensed sales, indeed it is simialr to authors who are published by big companies the going rate seems to be a paymetn of about 10-12% of the cover price. I am fortunate that I get a higher return but then I did take a huge gamble on self publishing but it does mean that I can control the market to some extent.

  55. Auh that’s is such a shame, all of Wainwright’s ORIGIONAL work has been sold, even the fells
    amazing piecesβ˜†
    I so like sketch work’ I’m always putting pencil to paper’ at every opportunity’ wherever I am β˜†Kind regards janet jeffrey x

  56. An inspiring video to get out there and enjoy the fells.
    Some amazing photos of the majestic scenery.

  57. Hi Andy

    Is Great Gable still available?

    If so how do I order and pay?

    Kind regards

  58. Andy,
    Would the 4 pages of Great Gable work if the were put in single mounts so that I could put in a large frame?