The 214 Completed

 Well after such a long time last night was rather special with regards to The Wainwrights in Colour project. It was the evening that I framed up the sketches for the very last of the 214 fells for the whole undertaking. Obviously the work on all of the 1500 sketches was completed some time ago but due to the need to put the finishing touches to the book these last few paintings remained unframed until now. That very last fell happened to be Lank Rigg from the Western Fells. No reason in particular for it being this one, it just worked out this way.Lank Rigg framed

 Actually Lank Rigg is a fell which I have enjoyed for various reasons. It’s remoteness means that more often than not you will be the only person walking it’s gentle short cropped slopes. The area is steeped in history and locating the ancient mounds and features provided an entertaining hour of two of random wandering, I even bumped into Chris Jesty on one of those visits. 

 It may be expected that when I put the finishing touches to this final framed work that there would be a certain amount of celebration and emotion but surprisingly there wasn’t. I was just quietly working away up in the framing workshop on my own, it is an odd feeling to know that there are no more mounts to cut or frames to make, the 214 are now done and dusted. I do know though that the biggest emotional relief for me will be in four weeks time when I first pass the volumes of The Wainwrights in Colour book to waiting customers in Kendal on the 5th May. Hopefully they all will be as excited about it as I still am and that it lives up to expectations. 


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