The Wainwrights in Colour Book- FAQ

Almost daily I am now getting messages through social media or email with questions regarding The Wainwrights in Colour Book, on this page I will endeavour to answer some of the most frequently asked of those queries. 

The Wainwrights in Colour Book

These are frequently asked questions regarding The Wainwrights in Colour Book by Andy Beck

What is the book about?

 The Wainwrights in Colour is a book which features 1500 watercolour sketches by Andy Beck. These paintings are produced from Andy’s photographs taken at exactly the same location where Wainwright took his own photographs from which he drew the detailed pen and ink sketches that he used to illustrate the seven Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. This has been a ten year labour of love by Andy and the book not only contains all of these sketches but each is accompanied with text describing the changes in the landscape as well as other interesting articles and features.

What is the size of the book?

The book measures 327mm x 218mm x 32mm in landscape format. Hardback with 360 full colour pages. It weighs just under 2kg, hence the cost of postage and packing.

Who is the publisher?

In a similar vein to Wainwright this book is totally self published by Andy Beck. There is no sponsor or large publishing house behind this work. In fact it is a solo effort, Andy has not only researched and visited every location before producing the sketches but he has also written every word* of text and designed the book and its look and layout. Hours have been spent putting together interesting stories and facts which act as filling articles in the book.

The publishing name Double Z is part of Andy Beck Images Ltd and this name comes from Andy’s faithful hounds Zoe and Zeta. The publishing name will be used in future books.

*With kind permission from The Wainwright Estate and Frances Lincoln the titles for the sketches are taken from the Pictorial Guides so that a direct comparison can be made between both works.

Where was the book produced?

It was always my intention that in keeping with the original Pictorial Guides that The Wainwrights in Colour Book should be produced here in the UK, no matter what the cost. After a considerable amount of research I was able to have the printing carried out with Elanders, a well respected printers based in North Tyneside, just over an hour away from home. This enabled me to oversee the whole of the printing process. The binding of the book has been undertaken by Skyline in Dorking which even though it meant a trip down to Surrey I did manage to visit their factory and watch the first copies of the book being bound, a film of the event can be seen here.

I am proud of the fact that all of the elements of the book have been carried out here in UK.

Have you just coloured in Wainwright’s black and white drawings?

If only it was that simple.

The Wainwrights in Colour is based on the seven Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells by Wainwright but these were used as references for the sketches by Andy. Each of Wainwright’s illustrations was scrutinised and the location estimated. Then in the right weather conditions Andy visited that exact location, took a comparative photograph and then produced his own watercolour sketch from that image, the same system that AW himself employed. This means that all the sketches are of the same viewpoint but as they appear today, all 1500 of them. It is a unique concept, never likely to be repeated.

Where can I purchase copies of the book?

 Copies of The Wainwrights in Colour Book are available through this website here. Even though the book is listed with major online retailers copies are not currently available via their stores. My intention is to supply small local retailers first in a similar fashion to the way that AW himself sold his Pictorial Guides in his local area when they were first published. A list of these bookshops and their locations will be published shortly.

When can I obtain a copy?

The launch weekend of The Wainwrights in Colour Book was on the 6th and 7th May at The Castle Green Hotel in Kendal. The weekend was a great success and thank you to all of you who turned out to either collect pre-ordered books or who just came along to buy a copy at the time.

Now books are directly available through this website or shortly in various independent bookshops.

What is the DVD about that comes with each copy of the book?

 As the book is really filled with the 1500 sketches and relevant text there was not enough room to go into detail as to how I went about the process of obtaining the references for the project. As I considered that this back story would be of interest to show the complexities of the challenge I decided to produce a short 15 minute film of the process. Over the past eight years Alan Fentiman has been recording the story and his film is on the DVD.

The DVD is only available with the book, in a sleeve inside the back cover.

I registered my interest in getting a copy, how do I get one?

If in the past you registered interest in obtaining a copy of The Wainwrights in Colour Book then as long as your email address is still correct you will have been sent updates about publication etc. Having your name on the list does not mean that a copy will be reserved especially for you. You may consider pre-ordering a copy here to ensure that you obtain one of the 5000 copies of the book.

Why are there only 5000 copies of the book?

 When I looked at producing The Wainwrights in Colour Book I didn’t want to be seen to be milking the “Wainwright” name for ever and a day so I was always intending to produce a book of a single limited run. 5000 was a figure that I came up with that was both economical to print and enough to give lovers of the Lakeland Fells a chance to obtain a copy. I know that some people assume that if by some slim chance this edition sells out I will be producing another print run, believe me, this will not happen, once the 5000 copies have been sold there will not be a follow up print run……ever.

I live overseas, can I still obtain a copy?

I have had a surprising interest for copies of the book from overseas, from as far afield as California and New Zealand. The weight of the book means that postage is not cheap but wherever you live insured delivery can be organised.

Email me if you would like a price for delivery to your area.

There was also an idea of a “Special 214 Edition”, will this still be produced.

 At the Wainwrights in Colour exhibition at Rheged in 2009 I mentioned that I was considering producing a Special 214 Edition of the book which would have been an extra special version of the standard book. Based on the “standard” edition each of the 214 copies of this run would have had extra qualities which would have made it more of a collectors edition. Within the binding at the front of the volume would have been an original watercolour painting depicting one of the 214 fells such as Catbells, Haystacks etc. These paintings would form the first page and therefore each book would be named as “Catbells”, “Haystacks” etc depending on the painting within. In addition the books would be bound in a high quality material (perhaps leather) with a slip case to match. I am still looking into whether this edition is economically viable as the printing plates for this book will have to be manufactured from new, the plates for the standard edition are not useable now.

I will update the website with any news of this Special 214 Edition.

Where can I see the original paintings, will there be an exhibition?

Three years after I came up with the original concept of The Wainwrights in Colour I held an exhibition of work at The Rheged Discovery Centre near Penrith. All of the fells were on display there although many had still to be completed. The response to the whole idea was wonderful with nearly all of the fells being purchased or ordered. Consequently these fells have now all been collected or delivered to clients across the country and hang in private collections. It would be almost impossible to gather them all together for a one off exhibition. Currently I have five fells left unsold which can be seen here: Unsold Wainwrights in Colour Fells

Can I buy prints of the sketches?

 It was always my plan to just have original watercolours from this series, producing prints from the set would not only have been impractical but would have lessened the uniqueness of the work. However, I have produced two limited prints from images that feature in the book- Scafell from Throstle Garth that features as the front cover of the book and Innominate Tarn, a pen and ink drawing in the “Wainwright” style. These two prints are just available as a limited edition of 214 and are part of a package with the first 214 copies of the book. More information about purchasing this set can be found here.  

Are you giving talks about the project and book?

Whilst I have tried to give some of the background story to the idea and concept of the project in the book it would be impossible to convey the complexities of The Wainwrights in Colour. Already I have been booked to give fully illustrated talks on the subject and more are in the pipeline. The most prestigious of these talks so far will be at Keswick Mountain Festival in June and more information on that event can be found here. There is an events programme here with more talks being added soon.

I am able to give these talks to other groups and events (no matter how small) so if you would be interested in booking me then just get in contact 

The Wainwrights in Colour Book Launch

Frequently asked questions about the forthcoming book launch for The Wainwrights in Colour Book

When is the book launch?

 The book launch weekend over the first weekend of May 2017, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th, 10am to 3pm on both days.

Where is the book launch being held?

The book launch is being held in The Kendal Suite of The Castle Green Hotel, Kendal which is situated on the A684 road from Kendal to Sedburgh. The postcode is LA9 6RG if you are using satnav to get there. I chose the venue as the hotel looks right over Kendal town where Wainwright lived and worked whilst he was working on the Pictorial Guides so it seemed appropriate. The hotel also has great facilities for an event such as this.

Is there car parking?

Yes, the hotel has a large car park which is free. It is a short walk from the main reception entrance to the hotel. A smaller car park and drop off area is available nearer to the doors for those less able.

Is there an “Official” launch evening?

On the evening of Friday 5th May there will be an official launch event for invited guests only. Due to a capacity restriction of the room this has had to be a ticket only event. The guests will comprise of those who have supported me in this project by either purchasing original works, long standing friends and other people who have helped me in some way in this project.

Can anyone come to the event on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, the launch event on the Saturday and Sunday is open to all to attend.

How much does it cost to get in?

Admission is free, there will even be free tea and coffee provided. The hotel bar will also be open but you will have to fund those drinks yourself I am afraid.

Are dogs allowed into the hotel?

Unfortunately only guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed into the hotel.

Will Andy be giving his talk at this event?

Sadly this event will not be suitable for Andy to give his talk on the project. However, the new 17 minute film showing the background story to The Wainwrights in Colour will be shown on a big screen at various times throughout the day. This film is the one which is on a DVD that is included with every copy of the book. Andy will also be able to answer any questions that you have on his undertaking.

Will we be able to collect the copy of the book that I pre-ordered?

If you pre-ordered a copy of the book and opted for the P&P free option then it is assumed that you either plan to come to this event to collect in person or you live in my local area where books will be delivered to you free of charge as soon as possible after the launch weekend. Those who pre-ordered and are coming to Kendal to collect then your copy will be already there for you. If by chance you are not able to collect due to unforeseen circumstances then the books can be delivered to you after the event. This will incur the normal P&P charge.

I registered my interest in obtaining a copy, will there be a book there for me?

If you registered your interest in obtaining a copy of the book then you will have been updated via emails over the past couple of months about it’s publication. Those who pre-ordered a copy will have recently either collected their book or had it sent out in the post. If you would like a copy then you will need to buy one here

I pre-ordered the book with P&P but can I collect it now at the launch weekend?

Due to the logistical issue of taking books to and from the event we will be unable to bring all pre-ordered copies of the books with us to the launch weekend. Orders placed so far have already been allocated a book number and those for dispatch where P&P was included will not be brought to Kendal. If you are now able to come to Kendal to collect in person and no longer need the delivery option then you must tell us ASAP so that we can try and have your allocated numbered book there for you. Refund of the P&P will be dealt with after collection by the same method as payment of the pre-order.

Am I able to have a special numbered copy of the 5000 edition?

If you wish to have a special edition number of the 5000 then just ask when pre-ordering. If Andy can have this arranged for you then he will do so but please remember that numbers 1- 214 are only sold as a package with the limited edition prints. Many numbered copies have already been allocated but if the number you require is available then you may have it at no extra cost.

Will there be copies of the book available to buy on the day?

 As previously stated on the website, by the first weekend of May only about 2000 copies of the book will be available to me due to the fact that they are being hand bound (see here), many of this number have already been pre-ordered, either for collection or delivery. We will endeavour to have as many copies of the book there available to purchase on the day as we can. Obviously I have no idea of just how many people are intending to attend the event and buy a copy, so books will be subject to availability. The best option if you wish to obtain a copy at the event is to pre-order it here as the P&P free option and a copy will be guaranteed to be put to one side for you. If by some slim chance we run out of copies over the weekend then you will have to place an order for later delivery through the website, this will likely incur the P&P cost, that is why it is wise to pre-order your copy if you are attending the event.

Can Andy sign a copy for me?

All of the copies are signed and numbered by Andy but if you wish to have a more personal inscription then feel free to ask.

Will there be paintings on show there?

Andy has about eight original fells from the 214 left unsold at this time and the plan is to have them all on display at the event as well as one or two which are to be collected by customers over the weekend. This will be the best and possibly last chance to see a collection of the original fells on display together at any one time. There will also be Limited Edition prints on display which may also be available to purchase.

Are there any more launch events planned?

No, this is the only launch event for The Wainwrights in Colour Book. After this time Andy will be giving a series of talks on the subject in various locations in the coming months. A list of those events is available here and more dates will be added shortly. Books can be purchased at these events subject to availability.

We cannot make it to the launch event, where can we buy the books?

After the launch weekend books will either be available to purchase through this website, from several local independent bookshops or from the events which are planned for future months. The book is listed on major online stores but books may only be available on these sites in the future.

If you have any other questions regarding the book then feel free to email me and if relevant I will add them with the answer to this page.

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