Talking the talk

Andy Beck talk Bowes village 5

 As best that I could I included details in The Wainwrights in Colour Book as to how I conceived the whole idea, worked out a system and then took ten years to complete the project from start to finish. Most importantly though the book was produced to feature all of the…

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Out on the road

Sam Read Bookshop, Grasmere

 The pressure does not seem to have abated yet but at least we did get time to have a weekend away over the Bank Holiday. This was in part though to deliver a couple of the last framed fells from The Wainwrights in Colour to a happy customer. The previous…

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Wow, just wow

Andy beck talk Bowes

Well what can I say….. Firstly apologies for the delay in posting a report or details from the Book launch weekend at Kendal last weekend, since returning back home I have hardly had time to draw breath.  It was a fabulous weekend, a wonderful launch evening where I got rather…

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Boxes and boxes and boxes…

Andy Beck with the wainwrights in colour book

Just a short post about yesterday’s event. I know some of you have enjoyed watching these short films about the process of the publishing of the book and even more so if you have pre-ordered a copy. Well, Colin has been doing really well and the truck turned up with…

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8 day countdown

Scafell Pike prints

 Now things are getting exciting. With just eight days to go until the official launch evening you probably imagine that I am sitting at home with my feet up, chilling before the big event. Not a bit of it. There is still lots of work to do and over the…

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The final touches

The Wainwrights in Colour Book

 Another of my short films to show the progress of the production of The Wainwrights in Colour Book. On Friday last week I re-visited Elanders perhaps for the last time (for this book anyway) to approve of the printing of the dustjacket for the book. Over the past week or…

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The countdown continues

Well, not long now, exactly two weeks in fact, two weeks until the launch day for The Wainwrights in Colour Book. It has been mentioned recently that I must be feeling elated now with things finally coming together and actually this isn’t the case. The fact that I am writing…

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Short promo film for the book

 As you will perhaps know by now,  every copy of The Wainwrights in Colour book comes with a DVD with a 15 minute film of how I have produced the work for the whole project, taking just one fell as an example. I was lucky enough to get professional film…

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