4 day Countdown

 Something different today.

 As well as all of the 1509 sketches which feature in the Pictorial Guides I have also produced a small selection of other watercolours which will feature in the book to illustrate many of the “filler” articles in The Wainwrights in Colour Book. In this series of “countdown” posts I should really feature a sketch from Book Four, The Southern Fells but just for a change here is something slightly different.The Sheep of LakelandThe Sheep of Lakeland

Wainwright dedicated each book to various topics and in this guide it was to these “hardiest of all fellwalkers”. In my book I have written an article on the 3 main breeds found on the fells, Herdwicks, Swaledales and Rough Fell. In the next day or two I will be hosting an online auction on this website for bids to win this framed set of watercolours. The highest bid will win the work and all of the money will be donated to Animal Rescue Cumbria, a cause which AW himself was very much involved with. The original will also be on display at the launch weekend at Kendal. The auction will not finish until 14th May so empty the piggy bank and place a bid. Watch the website for further details soon.

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