7 day countdown

 With just 7 days to go to launch day I thought that I would write a simple post about my favorite sketch from each of the Pictorial Guides as featured in The Wainwrights in Colour Book, starting today with Book One, The Eastern Fells. These are not going to be the most dramatic landscapes and perhaps not from the fells that you would be expecting, just the work from The Wainwrights in Colour that I was particularly pleased with even though it has been a difficult choice.Watsons Dodd Castle Rock from Mill Gill

Today’s sketch is of Castle Rock, the view of this impressive rock outcrop from Mill Gill as featured in the chapter on Watson’s Dodd. Even though on the day that I was there (14/3/12) was rather dull it added to the atmosphere and colour of the scene. AW artistically adjusted the rocks in the foreground but it was easy to identify the pine trees in the centre of his illustration. He chose to give it a full page all to itself for good reason and in my opinion it deserves it.

Tomorrow’s featured sketch will be from Book Two, The Far Eastern Fells

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